Monday, April 13, 2009

wanna know friends ip adress

Go to Start-->Run-->type in CMD-->Type in netstat, and look at the list given......

If you know his ISP you will be able to tell which is his, and which isn't. Finding the IP is simple, just type in netstat -n. 

The hostname will be like

so when you type in netstat -n, look for the number ending in 3030.

The IP would be

If it is a dial-up account, this will most likely change. If using Cable or DSL, although now always static, they do remain constant for some time. Do you have an emails from your friend?

View the message header information and read from the top down. It should be the last IP in the header.

To use CMD and netstat, you need to have some type of connection with your friend. Not always the case. Email would be a good and easy first step. If not, initiate an IM Chat with your friend. This will help the netstat info.

I sense that your trying some kinda nasty stuff, well all you need is access to their command prompt, so go to your friends house and distract your freinds attention, like ask him to get cookies or just plain water or ask your girlfriend to keep him engaged over the phone.In the meantime all you have to do is
chk for this.