Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yii CListView/TbListView - jquery are not working after pagination

Recently i faced an issue in yii/ajax pagination that running some javascript/jquery function in the randerpartial view.

let me explain the issue here

i have a view.php  and the _view.php for partial file.  there are some jquery function in randerpartial(_view.php) file which will work with each item ID. so i just add the JQuery codes in the partial(_view.php) file .

on the first page load , the jquery functions are works fine and when i go for the second page using yii pagination . those jquery functions are not working . even when i use fire-bug / inspect element to view the code. those jquery codes are not there in the second page .its appearing on first view only.

while reading some forums and yii notes , found that yii-jquery firing some additional jquery codes on the pagination which overwrite / disabled mine. those says afterAjaxUpdate  will help to fix the issue as its will force to fire my jquery on pagination.

here i found thise useful link
but i found another shortcut too.

just made 'afterAjaxUpdate'=>'',  on the CListView/TbListView . will solve the problem as its not gonna fire any ajax/jquery code on the pagination , so my jquery will work normally on pagination.

problem solved!!!

my view.php:
1:  $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbListView', array(  
2:                                     //'type'=>'striped bordered condensed',  
3:                                     'dataProvider'=>$dataProvider,  
4:                                     'id'=>'Manage',  
5:                                     'template'=>'{summary}{sorter}{items}{pager}',  
6:                                     'summaryText' => 'Showing {start} - {end} of {count} Jobs',  
7:                                     'itemView'=>'_view',  // refers to the partial view named '_post'  
8:                                     //'ajaxUpdate'=>false,  
9:                                     'emptyText'=>'<i> Sorry, there are no items to display</i>',  
10:                                     //'htmlOptions' => array('style'=>'margin-top:-20px;'),   
11:                                     'afterAjaxUpdate'=>'',                           
12:                                     'sortableAttributes'=>array(  
13:                                          'title'=>'Title',  
14:                                          'created'=>'Date Posted',  
15:                                          'status'=>'Status',  
16:                                ),  
17:                           ));  

1:  <select class="w-select status_action" id="Status_Action<?php echo $data->ID; ?>">  
2:            <option value="">Select one...</option>  
3:  .  
4:  .  
5:  .  
6:  .  
7:      </select>  
8:      <label class="updatestatus_text">Would you like to:</label>  
9:  <script>  
10:       $('#Status_Action<?php echo $data->ID; ?>').bind('change', function () {  
11:          var url = $(this).val(); // get selected value  
12:            if (url) { // require a URL  
13:                 window.location = url; // redirect  
14:            }  
15:            return false;  
16:       });  
17:  </script>  

adding this line helped me alot


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yii Framework Video Tutorials

When i started to learn yii framework about 2 years ago , i kept search on YouTube and daily-motion about yii. there are alot of videos i found . most of them not in English language , as we have alot of yii experts in Spanish and Russian most of the yii videos are in Russian and Spanish . but i never give up, continue Google it. there i go . .Found these useful Yii Beginners Tutorials on YouTube. there are few latest videos are released in YouTube for Yii2 too....

also there is a fully professional yii training video in packtpub published by Chris Backhouse . i bought it from packtpub .. quite amazing and teaching you the real yii shortcuts and clean coding .

here we go with the youtube links to learn yii



Linkedin - video tutorials request

packtpub video

and there are several Yii groups and forums that supporting Yii network other than

here we go with those list of links

from Facebook Group

from Google Plus community

another great contrubutor Christoffer Niska

from a famous writer larry

bunch of yii extensions in gith-hub

just google is "yii framework github" - this will give you a list of demo istes, scripts , extensions those listed in github..

enjoy yii geeks !!!!!!!